Contemporary theatre turned to us to bring their design vision to life. The customer was looking for a solution that went beyond interchangeable and generic elements and created a design that was memorable.


Theater der Gegenwart





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Restaging the stage

Contemporary Theatre, as an established performing arts company, was looking for an opportunity to reposition itself. With the desire to stand out from typical clichés of theatre design, it strived for a visual identity that is both intellectual and sophisticated.

Das Problem

Challenge tradition

Contemporary theatre was faced with the challenge of overcoming an interchangeable and generic design. The goal was clear: to create a design that not only remains in the memory but also embodies the intellectual depth and individual character of the theatre.

Die Lösung

A visual masterpiece

The end result: A logo that impressed with its simplicity and depth. The letters “TDG”, accompanied by a symbolic staircase, represented the progress and evolution of theatre. The word mark, with its eye-catching font, created a bridge between tradition and modernity. And the minimalistic business card proudly placed the logo at the center, making it the theatre's unmistakable figurehead. A design that not only appealed to the audience, but also contributed to the increased perception and resonance of the theatre.

Unser Ansatz

Innovation meets creativity

Instead of focusing on the obvious, we began a deep creative process. A detailed brainstorming session and a subsequent mind map gave space for the initial ideas. A mood board served as a visual basis. As we progressed, we presented various logo variants, each of which reflected the identity of the theatre in its own way. The selected logo was refined until it showed the core of contemporary theatre in its full depth.

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Paving the way to success

As an established theatre company, theatre of the present was looking for an opportunity to strengthen its brand and attract new visitors. The aim was to create a strong, sophisticated and unmistakable design that reflected the identity and intellectual aspirations of theatre. The challenge was to break away from the usual clichés of theatre design and embark on a new, unique path.

In order to achieve the customer's goals, we started an intensive creative process. We started with extensive brainstorming and created a mind map to collect ideas and explore different approaches. A mood board helped us visualize the desired mood and aesthetics. From there, we created sketches and experimented with different color schemes and fonts.

The result

A stage for creativity

The result of our work was a logo and a business card, which became a strong figurehead for contemporary theatre. The logo, consisting of the letters TDG, which were formed from basic shapes and were accompanied by a staircase, symbolized the progress of the theatre. The word mark, designed with the eye-catching Creole display font, built a bridge between tradition and modernity and gave the brand a sophisticated and contemporary touch.

The business card

The Business Card was deliberately minimalistic in order to focus on the logo. On the front, the personal data was arranged around the logo, which meant that the logo played the main role.

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