Insights into the comprehensive redesign of the BuehlerCreative brand, from a fresh visual identity to refining our brand message and online presence


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Turning a vision into reality

Our way to the top

At BühlerCreative, the development of a leading web design and brand strategy agency is our daily motivation. Our vision of creating an unparalleled online presence for our customers motivates us to rethink our own brand strategy. We wanted to improve our communication and ensure that our message was clear and consistent in order to effectively reach our target audience.

Das Problem

Self-perception meets customer perception

The challenge of self-reflection

The need to sharpen our own image and present a brand that lives our values and visions was at the heart of our challenge. It was about holding a mirror in front of us and critically evaluating how we are seen from outside and comparing this with our self-perception.

Die Lösung

Strategic realignment

The Heart of Change

Our brand strategy services, from positioning to visual identity, were the key to transformation. With a targeted plan aimed at precisely defining our target group, we created user profiles that allowed us to connect more deeply with our audience.

Unser Ansatz

Quality and Clarity as a Guide

A new horizon

The process of our transformation included intensive workshops and brainstorming sessions based on our “Core Discovery” and “Challenge Workbook” frameworks from TheFutur. These tools gave us clear lines in our strategy development and an iterative design process that translated our vision into reality.

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The vision behind the change

The process of redesigning BuehlerCreative began with a deep reflection of our vision and values. It was crucial that our new brand was not only visually appealing, but also reflected our philosophy and goals. We've worked hard to create a consistent image that clearly highlights our expertise in web design and the media world, while conveying our core messages of quality, inspiration, and growth.

Creating a brand that reflects our ethos.

The result: A brand that inspires

Focus on the new target group

The redesign of our brand focused on adapting it to our newly defined target group — medium-sized companies in the sports & healthcare sector. We have refined our brand message so that it specifically addresses the needs and expectations of this target group. Our goal was to create a brand that not only reflected our expertise in these areas, but also our ability to develop deep and emotional brand strategies that create real connections.

Consistent brand identity and digital presence

The redesign of our website and digital communication channels was an essential part of the redesign. We've created a consistent brand identity that highlights our values of growth, learning, loyalty, and quality. The website now reflects our position as a leading agency in web design and media and presents our services and successes in a way that resonates with our target group. By using inspiring and motivational content, backed by a modern-vintage and professional aesthetic, we were able to create a welcoming and trustworthy environment for our visitors.

“We believe that every brand has a story to tell. At BühlerCreative, our story is one of passion, growth, and unceasing dedication to excellence.” - [Your Name], Founder of BühlerCreative
Improved user experience and engagement

Another focus was on improving the user experience on our website. We've made sure that the website is not only informative and easy to navigate, but also engages visitors with appealing design and relevant content. By optimizing for various devices and taking SEO principles into account, we have created a platform that is not only discoverable but also appealing to our target group.

Increased brand communication and engagement

Our renewed brand now communicates more effectively and directly with our target group. We've designed our brand strategy to focus on our clients' stories and successes, which strengthens the authenticity and credibility of our agency. Through targeted storytelling and a clear message, we have established a stronger connection with our target group and expanded our network.

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